Your Medical Path Options (Services)
The following is a basic list of some of the  mindful medical services that we provide.  Since each individual is unique, depending on the individual needs of each patient/client, we integrate  various medical disciplines and philosophies.  Mindful medicine is a synergistic and conscious approach to health care.  Therefore, our goal is to provide personalized, dynamic treatment approaches rather than the traditional symptom-based treatment protocol.  The emphasis is on offering you multiple options for maintaining healthy lifestyle habits.  

Some of our integral treatment strategies include using:

Chinese Medicine
For centuries Chinese Medicine has used diagnostic methodologies to identify how the human 
body is interrelated with its environment.  Some of these techniques are acupuncture, medicinal 
herbs, cupping, moxa, tui na, gu sha, tai qi and qi gong and many others.  All modalities are used 
with TCM diagnostic treatment strategies that are focused on balancing the body as a collective 
whole. Chinese Medicine's diagnostic methodology addresses chronic conditions much more   
specifically than sign and symptom-based strategies, which tend to be more reactive based 
treatment protocols.  This synergistic approach to health care calls on thousands of years 
of critical thinking and logical processes of observation.  Currently, there is a  paradigm shift taking 
place associated with changing and modifying traditionally supported scientific beliefs. This scientific mindset is changing to acknowledge the dynamic relationship between humans and their environment.  Many indigenous medical systems have been practicing medicine this way 
for thousands of years.  

Sports Medicine
Sports medicine is an umbrella term that identifies multiple professional disciplines that
treat injuries related to athletes as well as the general population.  In the context of mindful health         care, these disciplines are used synergistically to treat  acute and chronic  conditions. 
This approach utilizes enhanced performance (athlete and non-athlete alike) by integrating  
assessment and treatment strategies that include exercise physiology, biomechanics, 
modalities, massage, certified athletic training, certified strength and conditioning specialist, energy 
medicine, natural medicine, homeopathy, sound therapy, yoga, dance, and other modalities.  
We integrate sports medicine with Chinese Medicine, Natural Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, 
and Native American Medicine providing greater quality of care.  

Nutritional Consulting - Eating Consciously for Your Health
We take a synergistic approach integrating Natural Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Chinese 
Medicine and Western nutritional model.  Our goal is to balance your body for optimal health and chronic disease prevention.  This approach takes the typical American eating habits beyond the four food groups and calorie counting, through a comprehensive assessment to identify your specific needs.  We will individually address foods to avoid and foods to gravitate towards in order to counterbalance your body.  This will include addressing food quality, Ayurvedic (doshas) and Chinese Medical perspectives using patterns of differentiation to identify taste and property of the foods you eat.  We will assess your typical eating habits and suggest adjustments that can be made to your daily dietary intake.  We will explore the many foods available that can be added to your diet that are enjoyable, taste good and are considered true preventative medicine.

We believe that meditation is an integral component to  "whole being" balance, and a way of 
consciously making an effort to maintain that balance internally and within your environment.  There 
are various types of meditation.  We will educate  you in the basics, and for those interested in 
progressing further on this path, we can assist you on your journey.  This is individualized 
and can be implemented through a variety of techniques. Meditation can assist in realizing clarity, 
inner peace, health and healing,  allowing you to slow down and experience the present moment. 

Where the science and art of mindful medicine merge!